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FSR/Folsom “Compass / Presentation Pro” Seamless Switcher.

This unit allows seamless presentation switching for up to seven input sources such as computers, video decks, cameras, dvd players, and most other video sources.

The FSR Compass & Folsom Presentation Pro are functionally identical and manufactured at the same facility with different faceplates.

Breakout cables are included for connection to Composite, Component, S-Video or RGB, RGsB, RGBS, RGBHV video sources.

First Day     Extra Day    Per Week

$350.00       $175.00       $1050.00


Sony 1024 Scan Converter

Sony 1024 Scan Converter

Allows switching between 3 devices.

First Day     Extra Day    Per Week

$250.00       $125.00       $750.00


Sony 1024 Scan Converter

Panasonic WJ-MX-50 4 channel Audio and video effects mixer.

The WJ-MX50 is designed for use in producing special effects images. In addition to the Mix Effect of a convential a/v mixer, the WJ-MX50 includes such features as Chroma-Key and Luminance-Key functions. Additionally, this unit has various functions such as Digital Effect, Downstream Key Effect, Wipe Effect, Fade Control, Memory and more. With the WJ-MX50 and your imagination, there are many possible function combinations that can create as many effects as your creativity allows.

Device Features

•Built-In Frame Synchronizers for A-bus and B-bus

•Four independent audio / video source inputs

•Digital Effects include: Nega, Mosaic, Mono, Paint, Still, Strobe, Multi,

Trail, and A/V Synchro

•Allows for several combinations of Chroma Key, Luminance Key, NAM,

Mix, and Wipe

•287 Wipe Pattern combinations video effects

First Day     Extra Day    Per Week

$200.00       $100.00      $600.00


If you do not see the specific item you are looking for, please contact us — we have a wide range of AV gear available that are not specifically listed on this website.

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