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I am a Forensic Fingerprint Expert with the Dallas Police Department Crime Scene Response Section. As a Board Member and person on the Host Committee for the Texas Division International Association for Identification I volunteered to provide AV for our event at Union Station / Hyatt Regency Hotel. I advised my organization that I would use my own Mackie Sound System with tripod speakers and a Shure SM58 Mic for podium but we would need to have additional equipment brought in to supplement the breakout classes held in the surrounding smaller rooms. I searched the internet and was “drawn” by your website (thought you should know I liked your web format). Your website was easy to navigate to determine what I needed. I emailed you and found your responses prompt and to the point! The Texas Division of the International Association for Identification was happy with the price and we were in business!

Alton from Dallas AV arrived on time and introduced himself. He unloaded and set up quickly. I was having difficulty in setting up in the grand hall at Union Station (which I understand you are well aware of J). Alton was more than willing to help resolve as much of the echo and sound problems with my system. Alton ultimately helped me come up with a solution that made the situation workable. This was my equipment, not Dallas AV’s, and yet Alton took the time to ensure that we had the best experience possible given the circumstances. The breakout rooms were setup very well and contributed to very successful classes. I called or text Alton more than once and he was not only pleasant and helpful, but he made sure that the problem I was experiencing was resolved in some way. Alton was not only professional but showed concern about our issues and even brought a measure of calmness to my stress due to his “easy going style” of approaching issues. There is no doubt that I “bit off more than I could chew” when I told my organization that I would “run” the AV for the event. Your prompt email responses and Alton’s willingness to go above and beyond help me so much during this event and will not be forgotten for future events. I will also happily recommend your company to others as well.

Thanks for helping to make our even, TDIAI 76 Annual Educational Conference 2013, a successful event!



Well thank you for much for all your help and equipment. Your company was a life saver for our organization. Next time our conference is in Dallas, we will be giving you a call!


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